Creative Cost Effective Concrete Pool Deck

Now you can have a creative cost effective concrete pool deck.

Natural stone or geometric precision, our creative patterns offer both!

We hand craft every deck with makes your deck, patio, driveway etc. unique, not only the colors but the design and texture.

We help you define and set the tone for your backyard pool deck, driveway, patio or entry way.

All about pool and decks creative patterns has unlimited options.  You can also add art, words or logo to your concrete.

Concrete Patterns are attractive, creative and cost effective.



Get Creative Pool Decks

Get creative pool decks is not our company name but it could be our slogan.

We started creating hand crafted random stone patterns and offering our clients their own color choices for their concrete deck resurfacing.

Now we are going a step beyond this. We create colors that fit your taste.  The custom colors are not exact because they are hand mixed which makes them unique.  The tint and shades are very close to what the customer wants.  There are some limitations because the colors are not paint, they are dyed concrete and therefore more natural then paint.

Patterns can also be created by customers, Such as the one above.

We will show you more examples as we go along and create this great decks.

Custom pattern concrete

custom pattern concrete

Holiday Ready Pools

Get Ready for the Holidays.  Your pool area is an important area for your family and friends during the holidays.

Resurfacing your pool will not only protect it but also make it easier to maintain.   Doing a decorative concrete deck adds a touch of class and makes your pool area safe and beautiful.

Like water features, we can add one for you.  There are many things that can be done to make your pool area seem like a vacation spot.

Resurface your pool, tile your waterline, add lights, water feature or just resurface your deck.  If all this things are up to date than just decorate and add your holiday touches


Care of Pool Motor

Follow this simple steps to ensure durability of your investment.   The care of pool motor makes a difference in the life length of the motor.

Not only are you saving your pump and motor but you are also saving the life of your pool surface.  Pool surfaces deteriorate when the chemistry of the pool is constantly out of balance.  The motor keeps the water moving and the chemicals distribution throughout the pool.

Follow this simple steps to ensure durability of your investment.   The care of pool motor makes a difference in the life length of the motor.

  1. Protect from heat.     Shade the motor from the sun.  If enclosed make sure the area is well ventilated to prevent overheating.

  2. Make sure to keep it away from excessive dust or dust caused by construction.

  3. DO NOT store chemicals near the motor.

  4. Do not place it close to splashing pools or where the roof drains.  Excessive water exposure can damage the motor.

Some of the best motors are manufactured by Hayward and Pentair. 

Is Your Pool Heater Ready?

Is Your Pool Heater Ready for the Florida Winter?

Early maintenance allows for a comprehensive service including review of gas pressure or electric service, verification of water flow, review of venting systems and complete cleaning of heat exchangers, water flow thermostats, etc.  Also check for condensation in the heater.

ice swimming

Proper water balance is much more than control of chlorine PH and stabilizer. When calcium and alkalinity are not correct expose heaters to aggressive water that takes its toll on all metallic parts, including many heat exchangers, automatic bypass valves, water flow thermostats, etc.

Be Ready to enjoy your pool in the mild Florida winter.

Pool Tiles Falling Off? Pool Leaking?

Your pool tiles falling off?  Pool Leaking?

If your tiles are loose or falling off there is a good chance of cracks behind the tiles.  In time this can cause structural damage besides the fact that you are paying the water company too much in utilities. The cracks are not stationary and will keep expanding.

pool leak

Pool Leak behind tiles

The cracks will also expand to include the deck and cause more damage.

Keep an eye out on the tiles and also on the water level. Pay attention to the cracks on the pool deck and if the deck is pavers look for sinking.

Your pool should be a beautiful and pleasant place for you, your family and friends to spend time, especially in Florida.