Driveways are the first thing every visitor sees and gives off the first impression of your home. A beautiful design will provide exceptional looks, durability and low maintenance.

Decorative Concrete Overlay

Close up of resurfaced driveway. Cracks were opened and filled

concrete driveway

Concrete Driveway

Concrete driveways have been the standard for quite a few years but let’s face it, they are not attractive.  Your driveway can become a great asset by becoming an attractive component of your home’s curb appeal.

There are many stain colors available and patterns that can make your driveway look like random stone in colors that will match the exterior of your home.

Brown, tan, sandy beige, green and other earth-tones are by far the most popular color choices for concrete driveways because they blend in well with the landscape and complement most home exteriors. In addition, darker earth-toned shades hide dirt, tire marks and stains, making the driveway easier to maintain.

Your taste is more exotic and adventurous?  There are other shades such as reddish clay, greens and all shades of grays.  Random stone takes three colors to produce and if you want a more colorful look, add another one.  They all look beautiful when they are finished because they are hand crafted and no two looks alike.

With the right concrete overlay, colors and sealant your surface remains durable for many years and the colors and patterns will last looking great.  A simple pressure washing upon occasions will keep it clean and attractive. Stain colors have become so diverse that driveways can be closely matched to resemble brick, roofing, or any of the other traditional exterior amenities of the home.  With proper coatings applied to stained concrete, the colors are protected and the surface remains durable for many years to come.  Applications remain looking great with a simple pressure washing upon occasion.

Why Decorative Concrete?

Concrete is cooler and holds up longer than plain asphalt besides looking more elegant and appealing.  Decorative concrete is also much less expensive than stamping or pavers and the look lasts as long.

Even concrete that has cracked or become heavily stained can be revived and topped to produce a very appealing driveway.  All that can really be done for asphalt is to apply another coat or a spray on sealer, and neither of those does much to improve the appearance.