Whether your pool got away from you or you recently moved to a pool that looks more like a swamp, our pool techs at All About Pools  are experts at green pool cleanup.

All About Pools and Decks tech will turn your toxic pool water into clean bacteria free water within 48 hours.

We also ACID WASH your pool to maintain that clean new look.

green pool cleanup

Depending on the severity of the cleanup, we can either drain the pool to shovel the algae and debris from the pool bottom or use chemicals and special filters to turn the existing green water back to bacteria free, safe, beautiful blue water.

We are experts at green pools and take extreme care when draining pools. Removal of the hydrostat plug and /or drilling well point when necessary will prevent a pool from popping out of the ground.   We are state certified pool contractors and carry liability and pop up pool insurance for your and our protection.

Our green pool cleanup consists of :

  • Safe, Eco-Friendly Green Pool Cleanup
  • Depending on Severity, Pool Water May Not Need to Be Drained Which Will Save You on Water Usage.
  • Our Cleanup Will Kill The Bacteria in Your Pool and Will Make it Safe & Healthy for You and Your Family to Enjoy Swimming Without Harmful Effects.
  • We Will Leave it Chemically Balanced and Ready for Swimming.
  • Most Pools Restored Within 2 Days

Our green pool clean up price depends on the severity of the algae and debris in the pool.  We will charge you a fair price for excellent service.

Please, call us for an estimate at 727.288.3289.   George