Pool Resurfacing finishes comes in many textures, aggregates and colors.   The finishes range from the traditional plaster to aggregates, to tiles.

We use a variety of aggregate brands and manufacturers.  Among the brands we use is Diamond Brite, River Rok, Marquis Series, Brilliance, Krystal Krete and others.  ALL manufacturers offer a LIFETIME warranty of 10 years for their products.

What makes the product superior in performance and durability is the application of the resurfacing aggregate.

The pool is drained properly to avoid pop ups, acid washed to remove all foreign matters and loose surface, tiles, – if not replaced – should be undercut to create an even finish and then comes the most important part of the resurfacing, the Bond Coat for the surface preparation before applying the aggregate.

We use SGM Bond Kote. This product imechanically bonds to new pool coating even over existing plaster finishes.

There are many reasons to resurface your pool but the most important is that a worn out pool surface makes maintaining the pool difficult and the other is that because the pool underlying layer is expose there is a chance of cracks and leaks will develop

We look for hollow spots in your existing pool surface. Chip it open and fill. We find at least 95% of all hollow spots in your pool.

Below are some samples of pool water colors with SGM Aggregate finishes.

Aqua Blue

Aqua Blue Diamond Brite

Aqua pool finish

Aqua Quartz Dimaond Brite

river rok

Calm Sea River Rok

pebble tec

Emeral Black River Rok

pebble finish

Lucayan River Rok

Marlin Blue Diamond Brite

Marlin Blue Diamond Brite

SGM Diamond Brite

Super Blue SGM


River Rok is an exposed pebble finish with deep reflections and pebbly finish. It is very rich and elegant.  It lasts a long time and the colors are beautiful.

Brilliance Collection is the most expensive because of the mix of pebble and quartz for pool resurfacing.  The color reflection is smooth and brilliant and because of the pebbles it is more plush and long lasting.

We use SGM Diamond Brite products because of their reputation and warranties. See www.sgm.cc or click here for more info on this company

This are example of aggregates and the resulting water colors.  We like to use Diamond Brite because of its reputation and excellent warranty.   Other finishes are available.

Plaster is just that, swimming pool plaster. Plaster is the traditional finish and it is still being used. It is usually white even though there are other colors available. Pool plaster usually lasts about 5 years before it shows chips in the finish. It is solid color and has an even finish.

Aggregates is plaster mixed with small pieces of quartz, granite, river stones, or glass beads. It is a very durable pool resurfacing material.

The colors and texture add a beautiful dimension to your pool. The color beads or pebbles reflect on the water giving the water the color of the beads present.  Color ranges from sky blue, to aqua to deep blue and anything in between.

oyster pool resurfacing TAHOE BLUE pool resurfacing VERDE sgm pool resurfacing